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Pokemon Platinum


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I think it's out now....the great thing about this game is that:

There's a ton of new stuff here, including a remixed soundtrack and redesigned levels.


New online features, including a VS Recorder, which is like YouTube for Pokemon battles.


You can catch Giratina's origin form here XD

The only thing that I don't like so much is the graphics.It may be a bit dated by today's DS standards.


And finally, I don't like Pokemon....I just wanted you guys to know;-)

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Also, you are really slow. Platinum came out awhile ago. I've got to say, this thread gave me a good lol. Also, FD is gonna lock this soon, so I suggest no one posts after me, because... actually, go ahead and post. I could care less about YOUR warning levels. Less idiots for me to put up with. ^_^

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