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Michael Jackson Tribute Thread


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R.I.P. Michael Jackson


I created this thread so that we can all pay tribute to the well known and unfortunately troubled King of Pop named Michael Jackson. I would prefer it if you would keep all comments on a positive side, but if your debates bring it up, then let it be. By the way, don't make comments on his plastic surgery.


I know all of you have heard the story already; Michael Jackson, the King of Pop is dead. Michael sold over 800 million records across the globe to a variety of countries and a variety of people, has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, he has had 13 Grammy's with 13 #1 singles, and broke history as one of the first black premier entertainers to appear on a national, much more, international scale. His album "Thriller" is the most sold music album in the history of music and his hit singles were only surpassed by Elvis Presley by one. He created multiple modern day dance moves, such as the moonwalk and the robot and I hope Michael's legacy after death shall never be forgotten as he truly is, The King of Pop.


I would like to start by saying that Michael was not guilty of the convictions put against him. On all of the charges, 2/5 were basically undisputed as obviously innocent through the proposed victims' testimonials, of course the most recent charge was brought up due to controversy over the original '93 trials. Although this may be one of the adding factors contributing against Michael's reputation, I believe that his drug addiction was true, but I again wish to overlook this in our thread.


If, for some reason, he were to be found guilty, I could only hope that people would find it in their mind to at least respect his musical genius as opposed to his personal life. Please, pay tribute and show respect to the greatest musical mind of a millennium.

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