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ELEMENTAL ANGEL SET (Flare-Angel,Necro-Angel) self drawn cards.


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These aren't badly drawn, but I don't think they go well with the names/effects. I mean, these both look like they would be Machine-Type monsters that are also treated as Fairy-Type monsters.

Also, the first one I would attribute to being an EARTH monster, not a LIGHT monster (also the name Flare Angel kinda implies FIRE). The second one I would think would be a WIND monster, not LIGHT (plus the name implies DARK).

A 'Flare Angel' in my opinion would be armed with red/orange armour and wield a flaming sword; not a red-black one as in the picture. A 'Necro Angel' would be dressed in rusting black/grey armour, wielding a scythe or demonic sword, to imply death.

At the moment, these look like 'Slice Angel' (the large sword and blade-like wings) and 'Blitz Angel' (looks like it would be jet-powered). So, I'd rethink the names and/or come up with new images.


As for the effects;


1st Card

When this card is destroyed by a Card Effect (Be more specific) and sent to the Graveyard, Special Summon this card during your next Standby Phase. When this card is Special Summoned, destroy 1 face-up Level 6 or lower monster on the field. (Otherwise it's overpowered)


2nd Card

Overpowered at the moment, try this:


Once per turn, during your Standby Phase, you can Tribute 1 Level 3 or lower Fairy-Type monster. If you do, this card gains ATK equal to the Tributed monster's original ATK until your End Phase.


Work on these. 7/10

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