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ELEMENTAL ANGEL SET (Dark-Angel,Slice-Angel) self drawn cards. better version!!!


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Slice Angel is better, but I still don't think Dark Angel's pic fits the card/name.

Put it this way. When I look at Dark Angel's pic, I don't see a DARK monster; I see a WIND monster. This is because the wings take up a sizeable portion of the armour. Also, it is green-coloured, a traditionally wind-oriented colour. Therefore, I see a monster that should be called 'Jet Angel' or 'Mach Angel'.

A 'Dark Angel' (I preferred 'Necro Angel') would have heavy armour; coloured mostly dark colours such as black, grey and crimson; and would be armed with a black sword or scythe. At the moment, Dark Angel's effect and pic don't really work with the name; but they do work with a WIND monster.

(Plus increase 'Dark Angel' to Lv.6)

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