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The Destructive Calm. <RP><PG-16>

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The planet of Zefer is a planet that has always been shrouded in war. However, there was a time where every race or every class of people could live in peace and harmony. This theory and time was desired by people so much that it eventually reinvented the war and cast it into two sides. An organization called Calm, who wants to harness the power of time travel to go back to this golden era and an organization called Renegade, who think that going back in time would ruin the scheme of space and time and collapse the planet indefinitely. Both groups are trying to gain the companionship of a class of people called the Time Wizards, specializing in time magics. The Time Wizards, feeling pressured and not wanting to cause more war, hid themselves from both sides. Each organization will now search for these Time Wizards, and continuously fight and quarrel amongst themselves...






Class*see listing*:

Weapons*make practical for your class please*:

Skills*only if non-magic oriented*:

Spells*only if magic oriented*:

Personality*three lines at least*:

Biography*five lines at least*:

Appearance*Tek-tek, summery, or picture*:





Black Mage

White Mage

Red Mage









I know there are other classes, if you think of one just write it in on your app anyway and I'll tell you otherwise if you can't be it.

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