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Poke,Poke( 160/xx )


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What you LIKE?:


[spoiler=Pokemons(001-099) ]



Effect:This monster cannot normal summon or set. This monster cannot special summon except effect of ''Poke Weedle''. When this monster is face-up into field, your opponet cannot activate trap cards. In your next Standby Phase, you can Tribute this monster to special summon ''Poke Beedrill'' in your hand or your deck.


Poke Cloyster's effect:

( 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters)

When this monster is face-up into field your opponent cannot attack any another ''Poke'' monster except this monster. In your opponent's Battle Phase, you can Remove 1 ''Poke'' monster in your graveard from play to increase this monster's DEF by 300 X level of Removed monster.





[spoiler= Pokemons(100-133) ]


Poke Marowak's Effect:

You can special summon this monster by Tributing ''Poke Cubone''. When this monster attack, by Discarding 1 of following card types to give this card following effect Untill end of turn:

Spell: If this card destroy your opponent's monster, Your opponent send 2 card his/her hand to graveyard.

Trap: If this card destroy your opponent's monster, Destroyed monster is removed from play.

Monster: This monster gain 1000 more ATK.


Poke Chansey's effect:

In each your Draw Phase, put 1 ''Healer Counter'' in this card (max. 5). In each your Stanby Phase you can activated 1 of following effects:

- You gain 300 Life Points X number of ''Healer Counters''.

- By removing 5 ''Healer Counters'' into this card, You can special summon 1 ''Poke'' monster in your Graveyard to field ignoring the summoning conditions.


Poke Starmie's Effect:

( 1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters)

When This monster is Synchro Summoned, put 10 ''Recover Counter'' to it. For each ''Recover Counter'', this monster gain 100 ATK and DEF. When this monster is selected as attack target, you can remove 1 ''Recover Counter'' to negate destruction of this card.







(I Know, This Pictures are not from ''Pokemon'' anime series, i just set something. Sorry)






(I Know, This Pictures are not from ''Pokemon'' anime series, i just set something. Sorry Again)






[spoiler=Poke Strikers]










Rate, comment, give ideas, Please!

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These are good cards, but I'll go ahead and say what everyone else is going to say (at least the first one)

1. Your OCG and spelling is quite bad. Allow me to use Poke Blastoise as an example:

Use the word "tribute" instead of "sacrifice", "You can pay 500 Life Points" instead of "give up 500 life points", "to destroy all Spell and Trap cards on the field" instead of that last part.


2. Poke? I know that we all know what these guys come from, but I think it should be either "Pokemon so and so" or just the name.


Now, that being said, I think these are great cards! The abilities are quite balanced, and the pics are very good. Work on your OCG (Official Card Game, meaning how the cards are spelled and worded) and keep making these cards!


All in all, 9/10.

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[align=center]............. These cards are no good...

Bad OCG, Bad Pics (blurry or need background, or both),

effects are plain and short...

Also, your supporter cards are not Pokemons...

And your Spell and Trap Cards don't have any pics...

I say... EPIC FAIL.


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effects are basics and dull, pics can be better while your OCG needs work. another thing, did you put any though into what pokemon should be considered a synchro? picking random ones just dosent cut it for me. then there are your spells and trap w/o pics.......................'nuff said 3/10

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