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sly cooper club-freedom of the sly cooper fans (created by exowolf)


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in this club you will have acess to a speical rpg(which i will make after this) you can post ideas for a sly cooper 4 storyline, bosses, characters, levels, episodes, episode names.

debate what abilitys should reapear, what shouldn't be in it and lots of other sly cooper related stuff.


this is time for the sly cooper fans

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Bentley and Penelope built the time machine in the end of Sly3, right?

Maybe they have a look in the future and see that the world will be ruled by a dark lord or something. To prevent the future from developing like this, they reform the team and they go to a new adventure.

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that's a bit like i was thinking, i have an idea for a few episodes and there names


eps 2(eps=episode): night of the silver moon

area: forests of B.C.


eps 3: N/A

area: ancient egypt


eps 4: an eye for an eye

area: london


that's what i got and the idea that you can play as any memeber of the gang whenever you want

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