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This deck runs Shapesnatch

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It really does.


Monsters: 19


3x Chaos-End

3x SHAPESNATCH!!!!!!!!

3x Sattelite Cannon

3x Cyber Valley

1x Chaos Sorc

2x Kreb

1x Nazi


Spells: 13


1x Tele

1x Robert

2x Allure

1x RotA

1x MST

1x Storm

1x B-Con

2x Machine Dup

1x Vortex

2x Mind Control


Traps: 8

1x TT

1x M Force

3x Solemn

3x Roar


That's the worse deck I've ever made, but I really want a deck that runs Shapesnatch and I can't find my friends list.


Anybody who suggests a fix containing -X Shapesnatch will be negged.

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