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Karakura Defenders


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This is a set made on the theme of the Shinigami Substitute Team from Bleach. Enjoy ;D





- I may add more depending if I find more Karakura Defenders.

- I'm planning to make a booster pack of this.

- I aplogize if I mocked the Synchro's. I'm new to the Synchro's since I've never watched 5D's, since I know it's nonsense.

- If I've made any errors, notify me, and I will change it at once.


So, happy scoring :D

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Gundamblast: Inner Hollow's so weak, because it's effect after it's Synchronization makes up for it. Plus, it can't be considered a living being, and is only a threat to Ichigo and nobody else, so :P I'll remember that in future ;) And Hollow Ichigo (If you've read his effect.) Means he literally stands alone, so you can't flood the field or call for back-up monsters, and if for any reason he's killed, you're wide open. So he's got a major drawback.


Tenkage: They're warriors because they wield swords and stuff, and Fiends are only Fiends when they use the dark powers of the supernatural. I doubt Rukia can call some ancient being to her aid XD But thanks for the advice :D


Animefan123: vannias? :O


But thank you all :D

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I admit the deck does rely on Ichigo and Rukia, seeing as they are like the Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl of this deck :P But what with all the cards that can bring out Warriors, Vanillas, DARKs and WATERs, even an idiot can use that to their advantage. Plus it ain't finished. Did I miss any characters that defend Karakura to be used for back-up?

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