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Armored Core Formula Front RP (Accepting Now)


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This is going to be base out of a robot game. In this RP, you people will fight against each other in a race. This is a tournament. You can still talk to other people when you have Day-Offs.




Age: 20-30


Robot Design:

Weapons:(This part is going to be tricky. Ill show what the weapons should be.)

Right Arm:

Left Arm:

Back Right:

Back Left:


My App:

Name: John

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Robot Design: armored_core_formula_front_.jpg


Right Arm: Machine Gun

Left Arm: Dual Laser Sword

Back Right:Four Laser Cannons(This equipment uses all the spaces on the back of the machine including the back left.)


Hope lots of people join.

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I would accept but can you choose different weapons then mine? Ill show you the list of weapons. Like rifles, laser guns, fire guns, shot guns, or bazookas. the left arm is mainly using sword like longsword, short sword, high energy swords beams. The back weapons are missles, laser guns, grendes, or machine guns. you could make their names up.

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Ooc: Accept...,but the back weapons are for guns only and the left arm is for a laser sword and the right arm is for a gun to. I have the game of this. There is no such thing as a punching weapon except for a sword used to stab any other robots in point-blank range which deals huge damage.


John is at the waiting room for his next match with a expert pliot, Melena(NPC. But I have the robot design.). She pilotes the Violet Rose while John pilotes the Azure Knight.


John: This should be fun. I wonder how good she is.

???: You are about to find out.

John: So, I'm guessing you are Melena, pilote of the Violet Rose.

Melena: Yes. I look forward for the fight with you in the arena.

John: May the best pilote wins.


Ooc: I have the game and could make your Robot with the weapons that is close to yours. You also need your enemy's name and their robot name so i could make them. Then ill start the match. It is a three minute battle.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster


Name: Alimon

Age: 25

Gender: ♀

Robot Design is © YetZero, and is subject to change; the entire point of this is modularity.

Right Arm: A fun device called a particle taser. Basically, it's a looping stream of protons designed to rip electrons away from the target, subjecting a victim to a severe electric shock, ripping apart the atoms of the assailed, and possibly even altering the molecular structure of the target. It is placed on the "eye" of the mecha, but saps power from all other systems. The particle taser on the right arm is small and functions more like an energy sword than anything, but if the mecha directs as much power as possible to the eye of the craft, it can fire a titanic particle taser that almost always annihilates its victim. A physical bladed weapon remains on the outside of the arm taser for use at close range.

Left Arm: A long blade composes the left arm. This blade can be energized as Alimon wills it to, meaning that it can bypass either shields or armor, if not both at once.

Back Right: There are no weapons on the back of Alimon's mecha as of yet. However, there is a gargantuan particle taser on the eye that might be considered to fill both of these spots.

Back Left: There are no weapons on the back of Alimon's mecha as of yet. However, there is a gargantuan particle taser on the eye that might be considered to fill both of these spots.

Other Notes: I'd be pretty unimpressed if Armored Core Formula Front had nothing that could function as a giant particle taser. This mecha is extremely fast and well-defended in exchange for its lack of projectile weapons.

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Ooc: Yes I did.


Announcer: Let us start our first match of the season! On the left, we have John with his robot, Bloody Knight! On the right, we have Melena with her robot, Violet Rose!


John: Let us have a good match.


Melena: Why not. Lets go.(Her robot have missiles machine gun, and a high energy sword.)

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Ooc: When you are about to battle someone, pm me the name of the oppenent, the name of the robots, and the names of the weapons.


Announcer: We have our winner of this match. The winner goes to John and his machine Bloody Knight. It was a close call though. His machine barely made it alive after being hit by those missles from time to time.


John: That was a good match Melena.


Melena: You too John. You better keep winning. Ill behind you for now by one match lost, but one day... I'll beat you soon enough.


Ooc: Can you also ask any girl on YCM to take the character Melena and her Robot, Violet Rose? Also, could you invite a few more people to join in this RP if you can?

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

OoC: I'm not a girl, but people seem to be mistaking me for one lately. Does that count?




"Don't get your hopes up."


A dark-haired girl with bangs that obscured her eyes spoke with an icily impassive voice.


"They aren't sending us in for quite some time," she explained. "One match per day, as I understand it."


She stalked away.


"Pity about that Melena girl," she murmured to herself as she did. "If she had a bit more drive, she'd be amazing. Certainly more worthy than her opponent; he won by sheer luck."

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