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my first set


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Uh...I know I make some OCG errors too, but this is like...not even done in the format, take a look at a Yu-gi-oh! Card and take a look at yours. I not saying any one's perfect, I will most likely make a mistake here too, but


1. Fusion Monsters Have no description, only the monsters needed for the fusion.

2. The "Set ID" is not a place for random numbers, its where you put the initials of the Set and the cards number in the set.




SDK-001 is a Blue Eyes white dragon from Starter Deck Kaiba


or SKE stands for Starter deck Kaiba Evolution


3. Undead Mini Mage says that you can sacrifice to get an Undead Mage.


I think it is correct if it says (and I think I get the first part wrong) "You may sacrifice this card to add one "Undead Mage" to your hand from your deck. Your Deck is then shuffled"


Look at this redux of your first card you did, and compare it to your own.




on this image, the JCC-001 mean that it is the First Card of the J Cruler Cards (JCC)

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Nice for a first set definately got good potential so i give u a noob rating because it is a awesom idea and a little original the ocg and pics need work but other then that they rule i mean just an awesom idea man very good work... 7/10 wich is wicked sweet in my regular ratings


Edit.. oh btw Cerburus is awesom dude huge ATK and DEF but yet not OP at all... not kidding.... although i would give it an effect like (When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you may Special Summon 1 "Pleague Hound" from the Graveyard.) or maybe (When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, your opponent loses 1000 life points) and it still wouldt be op because look at "Ultimate Blue-Eyes White Dragon" or dare i say "Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon"... wich gives me the shivers....

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