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Jack Churchill Cards


Are these balanced?  

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  1. 1. Are these balanced?

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Jack Churchill is a World War II Veteran who passed away in 2006. He was known for taking part in World War II as one of the Commandos because it "sounded dangerous". He ran into battle with a bow, arrows, a claymore, and bagpipes. He'd play a song as he marched with his comrades. They had never heard such a glorious and victorious tune.


These are cards I intend to play YVD with against a friend. They should be Limited to 1 per Deck.

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He was part of my new type set, Soldiers. Warriors have too many things going for them, so I made Soldier cards. Like Civil War, World War I and II stuff. I posted it in Realistic Cards and they sent me here. Also, those cards would be insanely unbalanced if they were Warrior-typed instead of Soldier-typed.

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