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Occult Card Contest (3 rep + 10 pnt grand prize, 7 slots remaining.)


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I seek those who dare to enter a challange that tests their abilities to make cards based of demons, spirits, goblins and gouls! Those who win will gain a 3 rep award and by simply participating will I reward you with 1 point (special prizes will be given, all worth 10 points each).


The rules:


1. All cards must be at least related to the occult, be they monster, spell or trap, you will recieve a better chance of winning however, if card is related to a Shin Megami Tensei monster (though not necessary to win the top prize).


2. You may submit only a maximum of 2 cards.


3. You will gain a bonus 2 points and chance of winning better prizes if you base your card on your own persona and explain connection (this is not necessary to win the top prize)


4. The contest ends on July 10, or when more then seven participants join.


5. All cards must have their creator's user name on them to avoid suspicion of copy catting or theft.


Good luck, and remember, Dark hour is only after midnight...HA!



1.:: -OmeGa DeviL- ::








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whats Ocult


Well, in most cases, Occult is revolved around the supernatural, the magical, and or the paranormal of human society, from ghost sayances to underground rituals and arguably demon and angel worship. I could be wrong on some of those notes, but if your interested, look it up on google, or just think Bakura. :P

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