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Just be brutal lol i dont care


-Predator is not affected by any "Alien" or "Alien Queen" monster effects. When Predator is destroyed your may sacrifice 1000 life points to destroy everything on the field.


-You may only activate this card when Predator is being attacked. This card cancels the attack and Predator cannot be a destroyed till end of the turn.


-When this card is equiped to Predator increase his ATK and DEF by 300. Predator is also not affected by trap cards.


-When Alien kills a monster remove that card from play and add one Face Hugger token on your side of the field.(500 ATK and 500 DEF, Zombie / Alien, Dark type). When Alien is destroyed as a result of battle the monster who destroyed it dies at end of their next turn.


-This card can be tribute / special summoned by tributing two Alien cards. Once every turn you may treat all Face Hugger tokens the same as an Alien card for rest of duel till they are destroyed. Alien Queen can only be destroyed by a monster, nothing else.

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Alien Queen and Alien wouldn't be Zombies, they don't classify because they aren't dead... yet.

Also, Queeny has bad OCG.

Predator has bad spelling in his effect.

Alien's effect says kill; kill isn't a proper OCG term.

Till isn't the proper abbrev. of until and 'til isn't even proper OCG.

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