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Arcana force/lightsworn alliance(looking for more members)(includes free banner of your choice)(Grand-Reopening)


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a group where the arcana force and lightsworns to come and share ideas about each other without the need for hatred. when you become a member i will give you a banner to put on your sig(you may use the [/spoiler thing). we not only take arcanas and lightsworns but all other types and archtypes.


1. no hatred towards members

2. pm me to become a member

3. have fun



the choice is yours!(we also take affiliations from other groups, pm me to do so.)



arcana leader-me

lightsworn leader-

arcana members-strategist14

lightsworn [email protected],fais

be sure to recruit anyone if possible




here are the banners you will get. just pm me what duelist you are:either arcana or lightsworn and get the banner for your sig.


[spoiler=arcana duelist]




[spoiler=lightsworn duelist]



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alirght we are looking for any Lightsworn duelists to join. i will hand pick those capable enough to become leader of lightsworn(we cannot do anything until we have some lightsworn duelists.) and we are looking for more arcana duelists as well. if you dont play with either you will still be in and choose which is your favorite.(cant decide, we can pick one out for you upon request)


the 2 people who i chose for lightsworn leader is Judgement dragon and lightswornsrock. even though they refuse leadership the offer is still open in case they change their mind.

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