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The Demon's War(Started, Still Accepting via Post) PG-16


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Oh yea, your characters don't have to have anything to do with games, I just got the idea for this Role play when I was playing Devil May Cry 3.

[spoiler=Backstory]For many years Humans and Demons lived in the same world, but once a war broke out between the Humans and Demons, a young white magician known as Temus developed a spell that would seal the Demons into a world that became known as Hell. Then 2000 years ago some young, ignorant, magicians opened the gate to Hell, now the battle between humans and Demons rages again. The Demon's side is run by a Demon known as Virgil, who is the son of the first Demon that ever lived, Sparda. The year is now 2231, the world is destroyed but the War still rages.


[spoiler=My Forum]Name: Dante

Age: 842

Gender: Male



Side(Demons, Humans or Neutral): Neutral

Bio: The Second son of Sparda, unlike Virgil he is half human, half demon, his mother was a human by the name of Mary Alice, Dante knows nothing more of his dead Mother.

Weapons: Sparda's Swords, the one on the left is Dante and the one on the Right is Virgil.


Personality: Laid back, easy going, very cocky.


Application Forum





Side(Demons, Humans or Neutral):






Virgil's Forum:

Name: Virgil

Age: 845

Gender: Male



Side(Demons, Humans or Neutral): Demons

Bio: The First son of Sparda born 3 years before his half human brother, Dante. He killed Sparda to take control of the Demons and wage War again, as Sparda was the reason that the Demons didn't fight.

Weapons: The Devil's Blade, Ninja_Sword.jpg

Personality: Complete opposite of Dante's

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Name: Jin Kazama


Age: 21


Gender: Male


Appearance: Human 200px-Jin_Kazama_-_CG_Art_Image_-_Tekken_6_Bloodline_Rebellion.jpg Devil Form Devil_Jin_Wallpaper_by_ShiningLatios.png


Side(Demons, Humans or Neutral): Demons


Bio: Jin's first appearance was within Tekken 3, where he is introduced as a boy "claiming to be Heihachi's grandson". According to official canon, during the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima were intimate, and Jun found herself pregnant afterwards. Jun disappeared into a remote mountain location where she raised Jin and trained him in her Kazama-Style Self-Defense fighting arts. Some time after Jin's 15th birthday, Jun was attacked by Ogre and disappeared. Grieving the loss of his mother, Jin swore revenge. Jin was then taken in by his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, who began to train him in Mishima-Based Karate.


Subsequent games follow the events of Jin's ending within Tekken 3. Jin's "Prologue" cinema in Tekken 4 shows that, after Heihachi's betrayal, Jin fell into a pit of self-hatred, despising everything related to the Mishimas. Locating a secluded dojo in Brisbane, Australia, he spent two years unlearning the Mishima style he had used up to that point and mastered "traditional" karate thanks to the help of the dojo master. Eventually, the rumors of a King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 began to surface and Jin set his sights on this new tournament.


Within Jin's Story Mode, before he can make it to the fight with Kazuya in the seventh round, he is surrounded by the Tekken Force, incapacitated, and chained up at Heihachi's private building in Hon-Maru. Later, Heihachi brings Kazuya to Hon-Maru, and, while Jin is chained, Kazuya attempts to awaken the Devil within Jin. As Jin begins transforming, he attacks and defeats his father. Next, Heihachi attempts to kill Jin and take his power for his own.


Weapons: Devil Jin Devil_Jin_Wallpaper_by_ShiningLatios.png


Personality:Jin's feud with his other Mishima family members and the inner turmoil caused by his "Devil Gene" are consistent topics throughout the series. This struggle has formed somewhat of a "tragic hero" role around the character, punctuated by his very name, Jin, which means "benevolence" in native Japanese.


According to the profile provided by the Tekken 3 instruction booklet, Jin likes his mother's precepts and hates deception. Both values are demonstrated in his ending for Tekken 4: Jin resolves to kill Heihachi Mishima for betraying him, but soon changes his mind and tells Heihachi to "thank Jun Kazama for his life". By the events of Tekken 6, Jin's ambitions have changed from stamping out the Mishima bloodline to global supremacy.

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umm.. ill just make a second and we'll start now while we wait..atleast it'll help start it off by starting now..

[spoiler=2nd..]Name: Unknown, often called Warrior of Wood

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Appearance: wood_warrior_by_yonaz.jpg

Side(Demons, Humans or Neutral): Humans

Bio: A demon made of wood who wields the legendary Petrified Sword. After seeing the suffering the war caused he decided to side with the humans to help keep them from the harm made by demons.

Weapons: A Legendary Sword, the handle and blade made of Petrified Wood mixed with rare metals Genesis__Sword_of_Seals.jpg

Personality: unforgiving, untalkative and protective of the land and humans.


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Jin walks through the town in devil form.. continually punching people the electric powers in his Kazuya style martial arts killing them as he continues to walk..


meanwhile in a nearby town 'Wood Warrior' is slicing through lesser demons and protecting humans as he pushes the demons back

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Dante stood only a few feet away from Jin.

"And what the hell exactly are you!?" He asked before grabbing the "Virgil" from it's sheath on his left hip.

"This ain't cool." He said pointing "Virgil" at Jin.

"Let's....... GO!" He screamed rushing towards Jin.

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Jin flies into the sky then reverting to human form he dives tacklingDante and taking the sword hodling it to dante's neck before jumping away still holding it "hmm.. this sword sems weird to of been made to kill" he says then throwing it it landing in the cement inbetween Dante's legs as he then kills more people with his Kazama style attacks


Meanwhile 'Wood Warrior drived the demons away and runs torwards town

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ooc: ok, back to RPing now..


IC: eleactricity passes from hand to hand as he tuirn launches it high into the air


'Wood Warrior' arrives on the edge of town and runs at bth of us with the petrified sword

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