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1on1 MeVSEnkoMaun vote Peoples vote Fortreited


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Winner gets 3reps from loser so anyone for 1on1 VS me

3 cards to post.I'll post mine when I have ''OPPONENT''.

Who first gets 5 votes is winner.

OK here are mine.



When this card is Normal Summoned, shuffle all removed from play cards into their owner's Decks. This card gains 100 ATK for each of those cards. When this card is sent to the Graveyard as result of battle. Both players must remove from play the top 5 cards of their Decks.Each monster this card destroys by battle is removed from play.


When you Tribute Summon this monster and during each of your following Standby Phases as long as this card remains face-up on the field, select 1 card on your opponent's side of the field and destroy it.By paying 1500 life points this card can attack your opponent's life points directly.

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We just post 3 cards? No requirements? I'm in.


heck, here are my cards:

[spoiler= Black Metal Extras]


Effect: When a Spell or Trap Card is activated that designates "Black Metalmorph" as a target, you may activate 1 of these effects:

* Negate the activation of the Spell or Trap Card and destroy it.

* If this card is equipped with Black Metalmorph, negate the activation of the Spell or Trap Card and destroy it. Your opponent then must send all the cards from his/her hand and Deck that has the same name with the destroyed card.



When this card destroys an opponent's monster, you may activate 1 of these effects:

* Your opponent discards 1 card from your opponent's hand.

* If this card is equipped with "Black Metalmorph", look at the top card on your opponent's Deck. If it is a Spell Card, inflict 600 damage to your opponent's Life Points.



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EnkoMaun: The pictures on your cards are very unique (as in I've never seen before) The OCG are passable, but i believe you can do better on a few of them. Pretty over kill for the BM Cognito ( but he has his limits which is borderline), BM Hunter is very well balanced in my opinion. BM Cognito can be a tough fight or an easy one. His effect is restricted to his main support card, but a well balanced ATK/DEF if you were able to get Blackmetal Morph out.


Another thing I really liked about your cards are you gave credit to the images A+ Card Maker! Bad thing was it took over the Circulation of the cards... C- Card Maker! Meh B+ YCM Member!

Not much to say about the OCg, it's not to crammed together or over power to the point where there's 5+ effects. Very simple but powerful/almost questionable to add to a deck.


I think of all the pictures the only one i do not like is the Master Chief from Halo... Over all 8.8/10 (Awesome!)


lacikus: I've seen those cards somewhere before... I think you've posted them on different threads, if that's not the case the pictures have been overused anyhow. The cards themselves, Good OCG! I think there might be a few editing dents you missed to remove though.

Example Devil's Keeper (revised)


If this card is discarded from the hand to the Graveyard by an opponent's (makes it much more balanced) card effect, Special Summon this card. If this card is Special Summoned this way, change the battle position of all monsters your opponent controls. (this in my opinion will be more balanced, but with this effect do not change his stats)


In place of the "opponent's card effect" in comparison to "card effect" you can change D Keeper's effect or give him better ATK/DEF.


Again Fire demon's picture is over used, (very nice picture though). OCG is fine the way it is unless you want to change the text someway. The name does not really correlate with the ability, which is one of the biggest thing i like to look for. I like the image, name, text, level, attribute, year, and series all to correlate with one another in some way shape or form. You have done very well in this area but the name's are so... No offense generic...


Onto Pete the Pirate, Image very poor for a card, but very special as in it makes him "Pete". The picture effects surrounding this card is very beautiful, almost seems like a holo card. But one word to describe the card... Overkill. 2 tribute card, has the ability to destroy 1 card (card... as in any...) per standby. Also the direct damage I would take that out and add some other effect, unless you really like it but explain to me why this effect for a pirate? He's a precarious pirate add some fun into the mix to help describe his character "precarious". Overall all these cards give you 8.5/10


Again this is my opinion, sorry for any harsh wordings I might have said. I only mean to give good and critical feedback to help the Maker grow.


The Points goes as follows

EnkoMaun 1+ from me.

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