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next line of the blackwing killer

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apparently syncrow think the last would work, however i think this next idea will. and this deck isnt just good for blackwing but any swam style decks



3x caius

3x mobius

2x tricky

cyber dragon

toy magician (i still like him)

2x old vindictive magician

3x bluethunder t-45

2x twin sword maruader

morphing jar


3x twin headed behemoth


monster reborn

lightning wortex


giant trunade

heavy storm

brain control

swords of revealing light

2x soul exchange


3x summon limit

3x bottemless trap hole


torential tribute


put it simple its a monarch deck, with an set of anti swarm cards, i had though about addin 2 necro gaurdnas in but right now im at 40 cards, should or shouldnt i add them in

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Drop the behemoths for apprentice magicians.


Funny thing about behemoths. The reason its unlimited now is because of the ruling that you can only use the effect once per game. So you might as well run one anyway. lol


Run anything, but summon limit. - If your local meta is that overrun with swarm decks then run something like macro cosmos or...wait. SUMMON LIMIT STOPS CAT SYNCHRO!! HOLYSHIT I'M SO SIDING THAT!! You are awesome for helping me out because litterally over half of the people that play in my locals will run cat otk eventually. Just run some dark bribes to protect it.



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can i jus piont out' date=' im not making my deck to take yours out, ive made to take out another guy, so who gives a s*** if you could beat me, this deck isnt made to beat you but another guy, i made it clear in my first BWK post


Ohhhhh.....Ok then...

I thought you meant me because I run BWs and DAD, and most people know I do. (if I don't make it obvious enough XD).

Sorry about that. ;)

But anyway,

Run Gadget Oppression.

^ This.

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