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newest set of Fancy Hero


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at last~~!!! the long wait is over~~!!!


Thank you Kaibaman~~!! Exa Raiun for the ideas for Aviona (former Illirium) and Maidservant Kosmos (Maidservant was Exa Raiun's Deck)!! And YugiohPro for the Fusion monster, Crimson Kosmos (The Crimson part is from his Crimson Deck)~~!!


the newest set of my Fancy Hero and added 1 magic Card called "Aurelius Change".~~!!




p><p>[spoiler=Effect][b]This card can only be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck by the effects of "Aurelius Change". This card



i] - destroy all opponent

Earth - Return all opponent's monsters from your oppents field back to their owner's Deck.

Fire - Destroy all monsters on opponent's side of the field.

Wind - it cannot be affected and destroyed by any other card effects.

Light - negate all effects of all opponent's monster.

Dark - this card cannot declare an attack.[/b]




p><p>Can only be Fusion Summoned by the above cards by releasing them (without "Polymerization"). When this card destroys a monster in Battle, inflict damage equals to the highest statistics of the monster destroyed. When this card battles a Defence Positioned monster, when this card



p><p>[center][img]<a href=http://i220.photobucket.com/albums/dd79/otohimechizuru/aureliuschangecard.jpg' alt='aureliuschangecard.jpg'>[/center]


[spoiler=Effect]Remove from Play 1 "Fancy Hero" monster on your side of the field. Special Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck that is also treated as the same name as the removed "Fancy Hero" in Attack Position.




Thank you once again, Exa Raiun and YugiohPro~~!!


ANd my artist Kaibaman~~!!

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Wow... I'm really impressed - both the effects [even though for some, I gave the base idea ^^;] and the images are truly wonderful. There are some minor OCG errors (For Aviona's effect, it should be Spell or Trap Card, not Magic or Trap card, for Flora Escaflowned, Special Summoned), but these are almost negligible. I guess other Fancy Hero monsters will get an "Aurelius Change" version, right? For this set, my rating is 9/10!

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