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The last time I tried this it went to page 16, then died.



It's SUMMER in NYC! :D







Bio (optional):

Crush (optional):

Other things that I forgot:


name: Roze Fyree

Age: 16

Gender: Female



Bio (optional): ---

Crush (optional): Zhilo

Other things that I forgot: ---

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Name: Seito Mashima

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Apperance: http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff31/BiOhAzArDpSyCo/kuromaneichimaru.jpg

Bio (optional): ???

Crush (optional): For now. None

Other things that I forgot: Able to control fire, ice, electricity, and wind. He has two cars that transform a Autobot and other that's a Decepticon ((Like the Transformers movies)) lol

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Seito was driving in one of his cars as he start to talk "Oh ok, Iorn Omega..." He said to his car. A voice came the radio with engertic voice "What is it, Sir?!" It ask him. Seito park the car in front a school then sighs "Whatever you do don't transform in front of these people. Cause if you do then it'll freak people out." He said. Iorn laughs with innocent voice "Trust me, Sir. I won't transform." He said. Seito sighs as he open the door and got out then close it "Other thing, I want you to stay here. Got it?" He said as he stick his head into the window. Iorn laughs again to Seito "Yes, Sir." He said. Seito shakes his head then walks off toward the school.

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