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The Fool's Game - Lack of Perception


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[align=center]Welcome, one and all, to a Fool's Game. I bid you the best of luck through your journey here, for you shall surely need it.


To enter this game you must pay a minumum fee of 50 points.

If you should be victorious, you will come out with all the wealth collected by the combined entry fees. If you should lose, you will leave with nothing. This game is meant to test your skill of percepitation, can you handle it?

The stakes are high.

Let the game begin.



- Eliteduelists

- Docomodake

- awesome66

- Ovechkin Rocks

- pure.awesomeness




How to Play.

In this game, you will be grouped together with three others. One of these will be chosen to be the 'Fake' of your group, if you are chosen, you will receive a notification via PM. The others in the group will not be informed, however. Your objection is to not be found out to be the fake. Do this by any means necessary. If you are declared to be the Fake by the other members of your group, you will be eliminated.


The others in the group will attempt to reveal which of them is the Fake.

If either of them are fortunate enough to be correct, the one whom answered correctly is safe from elimination. However, if you guess for a player whom is not a Fake, you are eliminated. Once safe from elimination, your new objective is to not vote for the fake. Obviously, you cannot vote for yourself. If a player correctly guesses the Fake, the Fake is eliminated.


If you eliminate the Fake while safe from elimination, you will receive a warning. If you receive two warnings during the Game, you are eliminated.


If the first Fake is eliminated, a second Fake will be introduced - not the Player that killed the previous Fake, since that Player is safe from elimination, but another Player. However, this process only occurs when only 1 person was eliminated from the last round. If 2 or more members of a group were eliminated last round, the group does not have to do this.


Each round consists of 2 days. If you do not send in your guesses by the end of the round, you will be eliminated.


The members of a group do not need to PM each other of their votes, but it is not against the rules to do so. If the Game ends with 1 or 2 members left, the prize will be split evenly amongst the members. If the game ends with 3, we will play yet another round.


At the beginning of each new round, you will receive a new group, along with a new Fake.


I bid you all the best of luck.[/align]

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