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What is reputation?



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Unlike all the others, to be exact, those are:

Reputaion- points that determine how nice someone is. Whenever someone thinks that another person is nice or good, he can give them a "+Rep". There seems to be no limit to the number of reps, if I'm sure. But since the person with most reps (YC Maker himself) has about 450, maybe it's up to 999 or something.

Stars- It pretty much acts as a meter of "how much you played this awesome game".

0 - 25 posts = 1 star

25 - 150 posts = 2 stars

150 - 400 posts = 3 stars

400 - 1,000 posts = 4 stars

1,000 - 5,000 posts (Reg Mods get this) = 5 stars

5,000+ posts (Super Mods get this) = 6 stars

Admin or YCMaker = 7 stars

That should do the job:)


P.S. While points can be used as "money"-like things in this net, Reps and Stars just.......

look good.

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