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Kitty Cat Crunch


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This is IRL...





2x Kitty

2x Priest

3x Airbellum

2x Panther

2x Koala

2x Psychic Commander

3x Spy

1x Guard

1x Sangan

1x Ryko

2x Sea Koala

1x DAD



2x Allure

3x BoM

1x Brain

1x Teleport

3x PoA

1x Trunade

1x Storm

1x Reborn

1x Smashing



3x Solemn

1x Limit Reverse

1x TT


1x SDD

1x RDA

1x Colossal Fighter

3x Arcanite

1x Black Rose

1x Urbellum

1x DSF

1x Goyo

1x Gaia Knight

1x Iron Chain Dragon

2x Android

1x Gyzaris

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-1 Spy

-1 BoM


+1 Mirror Force


I was never a fan of the 3-Spy engine; 2 has always worked best for me. Bring it down to 40 I guess. Kitty Synchro is certainly not my forte, so I probably have no idea what I'm babbling about.

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Jap nationals much? Looks really decent I'm just not a fan of triple PoA so I'd drop one for a Mind Control if you can get hold of one.


I'm on the verge of getting a mind control... I've definitely been considering getting rid of the third PoA (I draw them all first hand a lot...)


1 Ryko is of dubious efficacy...


Ryko is fine at one...

To all who care *coughgoodplayerscough* I should be back on this Saturday. The nooblets will feel the wrath of EXCALIBOOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRDDDD once again!

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