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Conspiracy (my first fanfic!)


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Well, here we go, I wanted to do a fanfic, and here it is.


note: For more info on Hector's deck, see:



[spoiler=Chapter 1: Beginning of a War]


In a small mansion placed uphill, a duel was about to begin.


“I draw!” said the shady, black, spiky haired tall guy. He wore a black t-shirt and cargo pants, and a black duel disk. “I’ll set a monster, and set 2 cards, and I end my turn.” he added, as he placed the cards on his duel disk.


His opponent snared at him, as he drew his card. He was even shadier, he had long and scrambled black hair, and wore a large trench coat. “Fine. I’ll play Vorse Raider. (1900/1200) I’ll attack your set monster!” he yelled out.


The card’s hologram flipped, and a rusty little machine scout came out. It was Black Metal Scout (900/300). “Now’s the time, I activate Black Metalmorph! My Black Metal Scout’s ATK increases by 400, and gains immunity to your Spell and Traps. But now that it’s equipped with Black Metalmorph, I can activate it’s effect, and it is not destroyed.” he spat out, very quickly. His rival growled in anger, as the rusty machine turned into a slick, smooth and shiny black form of itself.


“You’ve grown since the last time we dueled, Hector. It is a shame that we lost you. Why don’t you return to us, and end this?” he asked.


“I’m never coming back to you. In fact, after you, the other 8 of you will go down.” Hector answered.


“You’ll never make it. You’ll never destroy the Nine!” his rival yelled.


“Whatever. Do you end your turn?” Hector asked, and he drew a card after his rival’s nod.


“I tribute Black Metal Scout to summon Black Metal Slayer. (2100/1700). I then activate “Black Forgery.” I equip the “Black Metalmorph” I get now to my slayer (2500/1700). Now I’ll attack your Vorse Raider! (8000/7400) I’ll end my turn now.


“My turn!” his rival yelled, as he drew his new card. He grinned as he saw it. “I set two cards and I end my turn.” he snarled, as he too placed his cards face-down.


“Bad move. I’ll end you now!” Hector yelled back at him, and he drew a card. “I play Black Metal Crafter!” he yelled out, as he placed the card. Another rusty monster with a hammer instead of his left hand came out. “His effect gives me my Black Metalmorph back. I set a card down, and attack with my Slayer!”


“Not so fast!” his rival yelled out, as he flipped one of his set cards face-up. Hector shrugged at the picture of the card. “Mirror Force?” he asked.


“Exactly. Now your monsters are destroyed!” he yelled out. Hector moved quick. “I activate this Quick-Play Spell from my hand, Scrap Metal Buildup! Black Metal Slayer was destroyed, so I summon 1 Black Metal Soldier(600/500), and 1 Black Metal Swordsman (1800/1500) from my Deck.” “I attack with my swordsman! (8000/5600) And now I turn my Soldier into defense position, and I set 1 card.” Hector finished.


“Nice counter.” his rival said. Now you’re going to lose. “I draw, and I activate my set card, Ultimate Offering!” “I summon Gene-Warped Werewolf, and then I summon Goblin Attack Force, Insect Knight and Kaiser Sea Horse. I play Pot of Greed, and I draw 2 cards!” Hector looked tense as his rival smiled. “What luck! I play Lightning Vortex! Your monsters are destroyed, and I attack with all my monsters!” (100/4100). Hector yelled in pain, as the monsters attacked him one by one. “Oh, seems like you’re still alive!” his rival grinned.

“I’m not done yet!” Hector said. “I draw! You’re done for.” I play Project CRISIS, and Special Summon Black Metal CRISIS (2600/2400) from my Deck!” Hector smiled as huge rusty dragon came out and roared at his rival. “Not only that, I also play Metal Spirit. I send 3 of my monsters back to my Deck and draw 2 cards. And then I summon Black Metal Scout (900/300, Tuner)! Are you ready for a Synchro Summon?”


The small machine jumped up and started shining as the dragon made a spiral around it, and created a giant, shiny, black orb with a dragon head on top of it, with an inner shining ring. It was Black Metal CRISIS CORE. (3000/2800).


“Now it’s the Main Phase, and I can activate it’s effect, I discard another Project CRISIS from my hand to deal you 2000 damage! (100/2100) And now I activate Agile Dash. Now CRISIS CORE may attack you directly!” Hector yelled out, quite eager.


“Nooo!” the rival yelled out, as his life points went down quickly. (100/0)


“You lose, Dai. You would never win anyway.” Hector said at his rival, now kneeled down.


“Well congratulations, Hector. You are number nine now. What will you do now?” Dai panted.

“I’ll kill the other eight.” Hector answered.

Dai laughed out loud. “Do you know why I’m number 9, Hector?”

“Enlighten me.”

“Because the other eight are much stronger, and they will bash you down. They will take you down soon.”

“At least I’ll take a try, then.”

Hector then turned away, and walked down to the exit of the mansion. He didn’t even look back at his old mentor who started fading away in the shadows.

“The fate of a loser.” Hector thought to himself. He got out of the mansion, and looked at his list. A guy called Jorgé was next. He got on his motorcycle, and dashed through the road.




[spoiler= Chapter 2: Meet Tania]

Hector’s mind was boggling. What would he do now? Just as he was falling deep into his thoughts, he felt a vibration in his pocket. “Cellphone again...” he thought, although nobody called him much now, because all the people he cherished were dead now. He picked the cellphone up, and answered rather crudely. “What?”


“Did you get the job done?” a mysterious woman voice asked.

“Sure I did, Tania.” replied Hector, disappointed. “Of course I did.”

“Good. I see where you are. Meet me in a few minutes.” Tania yelled out.

“Wha? Where?” Hector asked, confused. The cellphone was hung up. Hector mumbled to


*BUMP!* Something fell right in front of him, and Hector stopped instantly, quite startled.


It was Tania. A blonde bombshell, in a grey dress was grinning at him wickedly.


“How do you keep on doing that?” Hector asked.

“Because I’m awesome.” Tania answered, playfully. “Congrats, you’re number 9 now!”

“Killing people, while putting your own life into it, is giving me the creeps. I want out of


“Well, you can’t.”

“Define, can’t.”

“Now that you’re number 9, people, other people that want their freedom too, will want

to kill you. The only way is up!”

“What, you set me up!”

“Yes, I believe I did. And you’re doing the job for me.”

“What are you getting out of this anyway?”

“I have my needs, and you have yours. Just get on with killing that Jorgé guy.”

“Meh. Where is he?”

Tania handed him out a piece of paper with an address on it.

“And how are you so confident that I’ll get the job done?” Hector asked.

“Because you have nothing to lose.” Tania answered, grinning again.


She was right. He didn’t have anything to lose. He joined a bootleg card company, the

Eye, to become even more powerful than he ever been, to fully control the Black Metals.

Now he needed out, and the first time he tried, everyone he cherished died. Now he

wasn’t sure, but this time it was different. This time he was getting offensive.


“I’m on my way.” he said, and climbed back on his bike.

“One more thing!” Tania yelled behind him.


“Don’t use a cell while driving your motorcycle, you’ll get yourself killed!”

“Yeah, if I don’t die any other way.”

Hector’s bike’s sound covered up the blonde’s giggles.


A few hours later, Hector was standing in front of where this guy, Jorgé hanged around,

checking big-shot duelists, and usually taking their rares, multiplying them and using

them to get The Eye even stronger. This time, he was getting more.



[spoiler=Chapter 3: Constant Murder]


The dark-skinned man with red hair and black hair glared at Hector as he approached him.


“I know what you’ve done.” the man said.

“Word goes around quick between the Nine, I guess.” Hector replied.

“And I know what you want to do.” the man added.

“Are you afraid to die, Jorgé?”

“Never...” shrugged Jorgé, loosening his green jacket.

“Then you’ll love this.” Hector said, as he pulled up his black duel disk.

“You know that I duel many big-shots every day, killing them in the end, and taking their rares.” Jorgé said, trying to intimidate.


“And do you know why?”

“Enlighten me.” Hector grinned.

“Because my deck, is designed to beat everything. Everything. That’s why I’m never afraid to die.”

“Cool little speech, dude. Let’s get it over with.” Hector said, now glaring. He had a challenge.


“I’ll go first.” Jorgé started, drawing 5 cards, and adding 1 more to it. “I set 1 monster, 1 card and end my turn.” he said.

Hector drew next, without a word. “I’ll summon Black Metal Beast(1300/1000).” A black, yet rusty beast-like machine jumped out. “I’ll attack your Set card.”


“My card is T.A.D.P.O.L.E. (0/0)” Jorgé calmly said, and with it’s effect, I take 2 more to my hand.

“Fine, I’ll end my turn.”

“All right, my turn, I draw.” He drew a card, and then calculated a bit. “I activate Karma Cut. I discard a card, and remove your beastie from play.” Jorgé then laughed at his joke for a while. “Now it’s time for 1 more set monster. Turn end.”

Hector tried to understand his opponent’s defensive method. He never saw a T.A.D.P.O.L.E. before, and didn’t understand what it did. “I’ll draw.” he said. “I summon Black Metal Swordsman (1800/1500).” This time a rusty machine with 2 large swords hanging from it’s back appeared. “I attack with it.” Hector was startled with the flipped Nightmare Penguin.

“When it is flipped face-up, I send 1 card back to your hand. And I send your Swordsman.”

“Fine” Hector said. “I’ll set 2 cards and end my turn.”


“My turn again!” Jorgé yelled. “I now Tribute my Nightmare Penguin to summon Des Frog!(1900/0) And with it’s effect, I can summon Des Frogs from my hand or Deck equal to the number of T.A.D.P.O.L.E.s in my grave. So I can summon 2. Now go, Des Frogs, attack him directly! (2300/8000)”


“Nice move.” Hector said. “But I’m not down yet.”

“You soon shall be. But for now, your move.”

“Let’s roll then.” Hector yelled out. “I’ll play Black Metal Gunslinger! (1600/1300)” Another rusty robot with a buster cannon instead of a hand jumped out. “You don’t have any spells, or traps, so I’m not activating it. Now I’ll activate Black Metalmorph! (2000/1300)” The rusty machine suddenly turned into a pitch-black slick form of itself. “Now, I’ll attack one of your Des Frogs. (2300/7900) I’ll now play this from my hand! Black Metal Raiders! I destroyed your monster, so I’ll take another Black Metalmorph to my hand. I’ll set 2 cards and end my turn.”


“My turn!” Jorgé drew a card. “I’ll play Premature Burial. I pay 800 Life Points and Special Summon my Des Frog back. (2300/7100)” The annoying green frog suddenly jumped out again. “Now that there’s three of them, I activate Polymerization, and fuse my three frogs! Here’s D.3.S. Frog!(2500/2000)” A large old frog came out, as the three smaller frogs fused.

“I’ll attack you!”


“You’re attacking?”


“Then you fail! I play Black Metalmorph, and Devolution!” The robot became even smoother (2400/1300). “And with Devolution, your D.3.S Frog’s ATK decreases by half of the attack of my Gunslinger. (1100/2000)” The Gunslinger then easily took a shot at the slowly deteriorating frog. (2300/5800)


“My turn now!” Hector yelled out. “I’ll set 1 more card, and attack with my Gunslinger! (2300/3400) And I end my turn.”


“I’m next!” Jorgé said. “I play Lekunga. (1700/500) and I activate it’s effect. Since I have 6 WATER monsters in my graveyard, I can activate Lekunga’s effect 3 times, and summon 3 Lekunga tokens! (700/700) Now I activate Gift of the Martyr. I Tribute 1 Lekunga token to increase the attack of Lekunga by 700! (2400/500) And I’ll play A Legendary Ocean. The ATK and DEF of all WATER monsters increase by 200! (2600/700) (900/900) (900/900). And I’ll attack!”


“I activate another Black Metalmorph.” Hector was fast on countering him. “It’s equipped on my Gunslinger again. (2800/1300) Do you still feel like attacking now?”

Jorgé couldn’t counter him. He couldn’t do anything against the raging duelist before him. What was he doing to win? What was his secret? Spirit? Or despair?

“I.. I end my turn. Lekunga’s attack drops back to 1900.” Jorge mumbled.


“And you’re now done for. I draw.” Hector said, smiling. “My Gunslinger’s unbeatable now. But I’ll never be happy without making it even stronger. I play Land of Black Metal! All my Black Metal monsters are powered up! (3000/1500) And your WATER monster’s attacks decreases by 200, as A Legendary Ocean is destroyed.” (1700/500) (700/700) (700/700). And I also have a Black Metal Swordsman in my hand, I summon it! (2000/1700). Now I’ll attack with both, to your remaining Lekunga Tokens! (2300/0) You’re done.”


Jorge fell down as his Life Points dropped to zero. He yelled in pain as the darkness started consuming him too.


“Why do you even die when you lose?” Hector asked.

“Have you ever heard of a Shadow Game, Hector?” Jorgé asked, panting.


“You shall soon. Your next opponent will be much stronger.”

“Dai also told that to me, before you died. Told me that you would be much stronger. But yet you’re dying.”

Jorgé opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He then fell down, now completely dead.


Hector walked away to his bike. Just before he climbed on, he felt the harsh cold of a gun barrel.


It was his turn now.





Tell me what you think, if you like it, I'll continue.

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