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Door To Darkness(my dark world deck)

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please rate my darck world deck and tell me what you think



3 beiige, vanguard of dark world

3 broww, huntsman of darck word

3 brron, mad king of dark world

1 caius the shadow monarch

3 dark resonator

2 doom shaman

3 goldd, wu-lord of darck world

1 gorz the emissary of darkness

1 morphing jar

3 sillva, warlord of dark world

1 snipe hunter



1 brain control

1 card destruction

3 dark wold dealings

3 dark world lightning

1 heavy storm

1 monster reborn



1 mirror force

3 threatening roars

3 solomn judgment

1 torrential tribute


-extra deck

2 colossal fighter

3 dark strike fighter

3 red dragon archfiend

3 stardust dragonthought ruler archfiend


help with my deack i know its kinda monster heavy.

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