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in the card picture in the Card Creator click on it (left click) then copy paste the Img code that appears under the picture into your post.


"Effects: This card can removethe monsters it destroys from play. This card can also attack your opponents lp directly without destroying monsters. This card can't be destroyed by any effect monsters. "


OCG Fix - Monsters that this card destroys in battle are removed from play instead. This card cannot attack your opponent directly. This card is unaffected by the Effects of Monster Effects. Any Battle Damage dealt between this monster and another Monster is 0.


Since "infinite" isn't a "legal" Attack or Defense power, this card shouldn't be able to attack directly along with any damage dealt by battle should be 0 because you plan on having it's attack and defense listed as "Infinite"

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Exodia has an attack power of infinite and let you declare the winner and do battle damage to other monsters.

I can't paste it on to it and what do you mean by"copy paste the Img that appears under the picture in your post."


Yes' date=' but the individual parts of Exodia are very weak, and you have to have all 5 parts in your hand to win.


Basically, in the Card Maker section, you click on the card you want to upload. After a short time, a long string of numbers and letters will appear underneath the card. Copy and paste [i']that[/i] into a thread for the card to appear.

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