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pick a card, cay card. card contest

Shadow Zero

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this card contest is for any good cards. just post them up here and then the voting begins. you cant vote for your own cards but you can vote for another persons card that you like. you can only post one card so make sure that its your best one. and remember! your best card doesnt necessarily have to be your most powerful moster card. it can be a really good spell or trap card that you made or a weaker monster with a really [email protected]$$ effect. submissions begin today and end on thursday the 9th of july! so get your best card out and post it on up! and now for the list of rewards by rankings.


1st place gets 30 reps. yay!

2nd place 27 reps

3rd place 24 reps

4th place 21 reps

5th place 18 reps

6th place 15 reps

7th place 12 reps

8th place 9 reps

9th place 6 reps

10th place 3 reps

all other get 1 rep as a consolation prize and if i really liked the card that anyone posted, i may give additional reps. still deciding as to whether or not i will be posting a card myself but if i do post a card i will be following the above stated rules. remember. the submission phase only continues until july 9th thursday next week. so get posting!


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1 Water Tuner + 1 or more non-tuner Water monsters

When this card is succesfully Synchro Summoned select one monster you control and place Frost Counters on this card equal to the selected monsters level. Each time a Water type monster is sent to the graveyard add a Frost Counter to this card(max 10). Increase the Atk of this card by 100 for each Frost Counter on this card. By removing 10 Frost Counters from this card destroy all cards on the field your opponent controls

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honestly I lold. Normally, I'd just lock something like this, but this time i decided to comment on it first, then lock it. Because honestly this was the funniest disregard for my rules that i've seen in a long while. I am almost tempted to take the url to this thread and put it in my rules as an example of how not to make a contest. lol. gosh.

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