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TimeSplitters: Dark Days In History [PG-16]


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[align=center]TimeSplitters: Dark Days In History


[spoiler= Plot]

The year is 2416. The TimeSplitters have been eradicated thanks to the bravery of Sergeant Cortez. through this people thought that peace would begin. However, a gang called the Oni Guard has risen and Taken over NeoTokyo as their home. They have the skill and the power. But, will they last long?




[spoiler= Chapter 1: Rise of the Oni Guard]



Ever since Sergeant Cortez destroyed the TimeSplitter Army and destroyed all existence of the Time Crystals on Earth, peace has been spread throughout the universe. However, in the year 2416, a gang rose from the city of NeoTokyo called the Oni Guard. They ruled the entire city with an iron fist. They were considered the deadliest gang in the world, second to the TimeSplitter Army. The city of NeoTokyo was always busy and peaceful. In the center of the city was a giant tower bearing the kanji symbol for ‘demon’. In the top of the tower was a man in his late teens wearing a white T-shirt with the gang’s crest on the back, black denim jeans and blue sneakers. His light brown hair was long enough to reach his shoulders, almost to the gang symbol, even though its tied into a ponytail. He held a pistol with blue neon lighting. As he looked at it, he sighed and set it on the floor. The door to the roof soon opened up. A man about thirty walked towards the teen. He wore a black suit with the same gang symbol and carried a sword on his back. His bald head shined from the sun.


“Hideyasu? What the hell are you doing here? You’re supposed to guard Lady Asuka in her room.” The man said in a stern and blunt tone. Hideyasu put the pistol back in his pouch and stood from his spot.


“She has friends over. Last time I was guarding her while her friends were over, they tried to tie me to a chair and I think one of them took my wallet.” Hideyasu stated lazily as he looked at the man, who wasn’t pleased at his current job. He aimed a pistol to Hideyasu’s head. The gun was also with blue neon lighting and even had a scope equipped to it. The bluff his superior was playing on him didn’t phase Hideyasu. He always use the same trick to try to make Hideyasu work, but it never seems to be effective anymore.


“You know? Ever since you’ve been assigned to guard Lady Asuka, she always brings her friends over. One of these days, one of them could be her killer. We do not want the heiress of the Oni Guard killed, got it you lazy a** punk?” he yelled viciously as he put his pistol back into his suit and walked out of the roof. Hideyasu sighed and looked at the sky. It was his sworn duty to protect Asuka, but at times, he wanted to have a normal life. He walked towards the door and closed it constantly thinking of the trick Asuka and her gang of she-devils were going to plan.


After long flights of steps and walking through many different hallways, the tired bodyguard finally found the door that lead to Asuka’s room. He could tell because her door was colored pink and her name was written in kanji with gold paint. He opened the door and looked around the room. The walls were colored pink and blue. Life-sized dolls and teddy bears were scattered around the room and had various coloring and clothing. He realized that the room had no one in the room. Hideyasu walked in and the door then closed automatically. The alarm then sounded in the room and the toys soon came to life. Various weapons were shown on them. Hideyasu just smirked and took out his pistol. A doll whose hands were machine guns soon walked up to him. He shot the doll in the arm. Instead of the bullet being a lead one, it was an electric bolt. The shot hit and destroyed the arm, as well as deactivating the doll. A teddy bear soon fired its machine guns at Hideyasu, who was running as fast as he can, trying not to get hit. He shot the bear constantly until he the battery in the gun ran out. Another teddy bear walked towards him and started firing rockets. Hideyasu dodged most of the rockets and was able to put a new battery into the pistol. He grabbed another one from his pouch and shot the teddy bear constantly. After the gun ran out of battery power, the teddy bear was missing many limbs and stuffing was slipping out of the limbs. He sat on the ground and sighed in relief.


A door in the side of the room opened up and a girl about sixteen walked out of it. She wore a bright pink floral kimono that was cut off at thigh-length, red four-inch high heels with her toes exposed, and bracelets on her wrists. Her long, black hair was long enough to reach her shoulders. She had a smile on her face as she noticed all of the destruction in the room and Hideyasu tired.


“It seems you have destroyed all my toys ‘Yasu.” The teen girl stated as she looked at the guard member while using her pet name for him, which to his dismay, she used a lot.


“Lady Asuka, no matter what you throw at me, they still won’t be able to take me down.” Hideyasu stated to his superior with arrogance in his voice. As he looked around, he noticed all the damage he had done. There were holes on the wall as well as a part of the room in flames. He had a nervous smile on his face. “I’ll fix that.”


Asuka smirked as she kicked the head of a broken doll out of her way. “Well I heard that there would be a gang fight between the oni guard and the new gang in NeoTokyo. I want to see that.” She cheered with her chocolate brown eyes gleaming. A sigh escaped from Hideyasu.


“Why should I bring you? You would probably get in the way.” He shouted. Ever since he brought her to fights, there was always something going wrong.


Flashback: 1 year ago


Hideyasu, Asuka, and a few other people were behind an overturned car carrying various weapons. The city was covered in bullet holes and fire. They were in a fight against the Dark Masks gang. They are known in NeoTokyo for wearing large black vampire cloaks and oni masks that they never take off. No one could ever tell who was a girl or who was a boy because of the costumes. All of the Dark Mask members had SBK-12 submachine guns, while the Oni guards had some Electro-pistols and a magnum sniper. Hideyasu got up from his hiding spot and shot a Dark Mask in his arm, but the shock effect of the gun stunned him. He jumped down to the car while Asuka was shaking violently as she held the Magnum Sniper Rifle


“Asuka, you have to fight. If we lose this, we may lose you.” He lied. He wanted Asuka to be involved in this.


All Asuka do was nod and place the gun on the car. Her eye was placed into the scope and targeted a Dark Mask’s head. Before she could fire, she moved the gun. The bullet hit a metal pole and ricocheted into an Oni Guard’s head. He fell on the ground and lay there dead. His blood was spilled onto Asuka’s hands and her clothes. With what just happened, she couldn’t take it. In her mind, all she could think about was that she betrayed the clan, and might have the strongest punishment, death. She ran away from the fight, dropping the Magnum Sniper on the open ground.


Flashback End


Asuka eyes gleamed as she stared at Hideyasu. He was slowly cracking from her cute-ness. Hell, anyone would crack from it.


“Okay, okay. You can come. But don’t cry to me when you kill someone.” He ordered as he gave a stern look at her.


“Don’t worry ‘Yasu. That incident is a thing of the past.” The heiress stated as she ran out of the room. Hideyasu sighed deeply and took out his Electro-Pistol. There were now some cracks and the blue neon lighting faded.


“Somehow, I think this is a bad idea.”



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