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<Computer Nine> xCtrl+Alt+Deletex (<RP>)


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THIS COMPUTER has overridden THREAD.


You shall not resist THIS COMPUTER.


Simple Plot inclines you to bend to THIS COMPUTER'S will.


You shall not show THIS COMPUTER displeasure.







[spoiler=50% Completed....]


  1. You shall not defy THIS COMPUTER, or be decomissioned.
  2. You shall not enter Areas without THIS COMPUTER'S permission.
  3. You shall always and thoroughly file your Reports to THIS COMPUTER, and THIS COMPUTER ALONE. Fail to comply results in decomission.
  4. YOU know nothing. THIS COMPUTER knows all.
  5. If you refuse to abide by proper etiquette, THIS COMPUTER shall have you decommisioned.
  6. THIS COMPUTER shall tell you Everything. Be Told by someone else will result in a decommision.
  7. In THIS COMPUTER'S presence, there are no frowns. Failure to comply will result in a decommision.



[spoiler=100% Complete, Testing...]

[b]What is your Name?:[/b]
[b]What is Your Genetic Age?:[/b]
[b]What is Your Organic Gender?:[/b]
[b]Select Graphic Image to Describe your Appearance:[/b]
[b]Describe Your Personality, Must consist of at least Five Sentences (Failure to comply will result in a decomission):[/b]






At the start of the RP you're character knows pretty much nothing about the world in which the RP takes place. Over the course of the RP, Computer Nine, the entity with which has just appeared, will feed you information to increase your knowledge as you go. As such, only the information on the most important details (ie, your mission) will be shown as of yet. You will also only be able to access a small number of areas in the beginning. As you explore, more areas will open up and you might even be able to enter certain areas without the Computer's permission.


[spoiler=Available Areas are as Follows]


Testing Chambers

A large, metallic room filled with test tubes and pods containing who knows what within it's green, gooey confines. There are no windows, and a door leades up to The Bridge. All PCs will appear here first.






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