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{40 Card} 3 Type Contest: Dinosaur, Dragon, and Fairy

40 Card

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3 Type Contest: Dinosaur, Dragon, and Fairy

3 Type Contest: Dinosaur, Dragon, and Fairy

What up peoples? If you know me, than you probably know that this is my first contest. It's pretty simple. First I need 8 contestants. I will be the judge, (don't worry, I'm a pretty good judger) and you must make a Dinosaur for the first round, a Dragon for the second, and a Fairy for the third. This contest is kind of like a tournament.


[align=center]1. All YCM rules apply

2. I will be the judge

3. I can accept or decline you

4. No getting outraged if you lose, and no excuses for losing!

5. Instructions will be PMed to you, but you must post the cards on the thread

6. You must send in your cards by the date given in your PMed instructions, or you are disqualified

7. Cards must be according to instructions, or else your card(s) will be disqualified

8. Entry fee is 5 points[/align]



[align=center]1. kizzfan911

2. Akoolgie800

3. Lucifer

4. TheWorm 55

5. superspecialawesome99






[align=center]1st Place: 20 points and 2 reps

2nd Place: 15 points and 1 rep

3rd Place: 4 Points and 1 rep

4th Place: 1 point and 1 rep

All others (constalation): 2-3 points[/align]

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That comes in the instructions my friend. You could choose to wait for every slot to be filled up' date=' or get your instructions now, make the card, and then wait. Your choice. :)[/color']

I'd rather get my instructions now before I start working on my new set.

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Could I please receive the instructions for all the cards for every round please? Much appreciated.

Umm... I dunno. I would but it wouldn't seem fair to kizzfan911' date=' cause I only sent him the instructions for round 1. I could give you those.[/color']

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