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(Vampire Gunslinger) Epic Level 1 Card


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[align=center] Vampire Gunslinger



Pic By Father Wolf

[spoiler=effect] If this card is targeted for an attack, you can Remove this card from play. If you used this Effect, Special Summon on your next Standby Phase.


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If this card is chosen as an attack target, you may remove it from the game until your next Standby Phase.


^OCG fix


This seems like a card that needs Support Cards.


Try adding spells that allow it to absorb your opponents cards like Relinquished, but instead of using their ATK and DEF, you use them for Life Points.

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[align=center]OPed, as in it never stops comin'. Kinda like Arcana 0. And I've seen the pic before, but what the heck. I don't really give. Here is my rating:


Name: 9/10

Pic: 8/10

Effect: 10/10

OPed or UPed: 6/10

Overall: 33/40

General: 8/10


It's OK. Nice job. :)[/align]

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