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This is my new set. Since there are multiple Halo threads, I am leaving my old Halo Set to die.


I will be updating this regularly.


Good pics are hard to find. I'll look as much as I can for good pics or better ones. If you know where some good ones are let me know.[/align]



[align=center]Fallout 3 Original Game

[spoiler=Radiation Abomination Glowing One]271237jpc.jpg


When this face-up card is attacked, you can activate 1 "Glowing One Radiation Burst" Spell Card on your side of the field or in your hand. You can Tribute 1 "Radiation Survivor Feral Ghoul" or 1 "Radiation Survivor Feral Ghoul Roamer" you control to add 1 "Glowing One Radiation Burst" Spell Card from your Deck to your hand.


[spoiler=Glowing One Radiation Burst]271237k.jpg


This card cannot be activated except by the effect of "Radiation Abomination Glowing One". Decrease the ATK and DEF of the attacking monster by 300 and decrease your opponent's Life Points by 400. "Radiation Abomination Glowing One" is sent to the Graveyard (Damage Calculation is applied normally).




The Pitt DLC


Operation: Anchorage DLC


Broken Steel DLC


Point Lookout DLC


Mothership Zeta DLC[/align]

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