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Help creating decks!


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I am trying to build me and my brother decks. I want an Elf deck, but he wants an undead deck. I have all the regulations set up, I just need your help. :o


Okay, now the rules are simple:

For my deck:

Attribute:Light is most acceptable, but any, Star Level: Any, Type: Elf is most likely to be chosen, but any will do.

For my brother's deck:

Attribute:Dark is most acceptable, any will do, Star Level: Any, Type: Resurrected.

Now, all Elf type monsters must increase your life points every standby phase, and for every spell sounter, they say alive for longer.

All resurrected type monsters must come back at the end phase of the turn if they have been destroyed.

Other than that, have at it, I will pick the cards I like most, and use them. Thank you in advance.



Okay, now, if the cards work well together, the higher on my list it will go. More realistic, the same will happen. After this contest is over, I will also post the deck in here, and under the realistic cards (probably). So, now that i've posted that, have at it!

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