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My first three cards!!! Enjoy them!!!


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*Sighs* Why do people keep putting random numbers for the set on their cards? I mean if its a pop culture card or a joke card that's okay, but if anyone would take the time to look at real yugioh cards, you would notice that their not random, but tell you the Set they come from and the number they are in the list.


Here are some real life example's.


SDK- Starter Deck Kaiba

SDY- Starter Deck Yugi

SDP- Starter Deck Pegasus

SDJ- Starter Deck Joey


DB1- Dark Beginning 1

LOB- Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon

MFC- Magicians Force

SD6- Spellcasters Judgement


Then each card is given a number in the list, like in SDK, Blue Eyes White Dragon is 001, Because it is the first card in the list.


So obviously, this is why you will never* see a set with only 100 cards in it, that has a card with a 177 on the end.



*Well, at least as far as I know, I have not played the Card Game in awhile, but not too much seems to have changed.

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