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DD deck


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DD Scout plane x3

DD warrior lady

DD Assailant x3

DD Survivor x3

Golden Homunculus

Command Knight x3

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness (just cuz)


Caius the Shadow Monarch

Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch

Spirit Reaper

Divine Knight Ishzark

Cyber Valley


Brain Control

Heavy Storm

Mystical Space Typhoon

Sword of Revealing Light

Nobleman of Crossout


Different Dimension Gate x2

Enemy Controller

Soul Release

Dimensional Fissure

Reinforcement of the Army

Lightning Vortex



Dimension Wall

Macro Cosmos x3

Fake Trap

Karma Cut


Any advice?

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Macrosynchro, recipe as followed:


Monsters: 19

x2 Caius

x2 Raiza

x3 Survivor

x2 Assailant

x2 Warrior

x1 Scout Plane

x1 Warrior Lady

x2 Rose

x1 Valley

x3 Krebons


Spells: 9

x3 D. Fissure

x1 RoTA

x1 E-Tele

x1 B-Con

x1 Heavy

x1 Nobleman

x1 MST


Traps: 14

x2 Macro

x3 D. Prison

x3 Bottomless

x2 Karma

x2 DY-NO-MITE!!!

x1 Torrental

x1 Dustshoot





Total: 42


this should work nicely

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