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The New Unholy Knight set!!!!!! (10/??)


Should I continue making the rest of these cards  

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  1. 1. Should I continue making the rest of these cards

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For those of you that dont know who I am.. I am Gwarg1. I am a former member of YCM.... Even though I didn't have a lot of friends here I still kept my chin up.... I targeted tha so-called legends as being nothing more than a peasant to me... But now I would like to apologize to anyone I targetted or offended...but I'm not sorry for beleiving I will be the best and that I have the skills already but I am sorry for my rudeness and childlike behavior...


Now dont get confused this is the complete MONSTER set....I'm still working on some more spell/trap card for support.... I just wanted to release the set I have already finished.... Please rate and explain why...If you see OCG errors please tell me.... Thank U and PLEASE RATE....ITS REALLY NOT THAT DARN HARD!!!!!!




P.S: Some of these cards might not be that great but this is the realistic section and in reality every single card cant be awesome.

For the record I have technically followed the forum rules because it is a finished set of the monsters in the set

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This is just me but i think the first card is alittle overpowered i mean you just keep getting him back and you need to specify face up cards because face down cards can't be affected unless you specificly say so.....i think i am pretty new to this but heck what ever

O whoops umm 8/10 i think

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