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New "Sea Monsters Deck"!!!


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Well, they are alright. They need some better pics and ocg needs work.. maybe i will hook u up with some pics later.. The Mystic Sea Serpent reminds me of 1 of my cards in my water set im working on but they are ok and my ratings are tough any ways so +1 point for being new yet not so much as noob seeing how u did quite well for a begginner.. i give total of 3/10 wich it takes alot to impress me so dont think 2-3 is bad because if somone gets a 7+ i rep them lol so keep it up it takes awhile to get there... look at me when i first started i sucked and kept getting bad ratings and comments but i kept at it and now im making awesom cards... besides it all about what you think of them... Because some people can say my cards suck but im still proud of them and would die to actually use them... well maybe not die... so good work 5/10 if u read that whole thing lol


Oh and if u want some pics just PM me

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