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Challenge of the Gods (FAIL, lock.)


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Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.


I challenge you, fellow members to a long, long contest that will test your every skill as a YCM'er.


[spoiler= [b]THE RULES[/b]]

-All YCM rules apply.

-You must be Level 3 or higher to participate.

-If you are Level 2, and want to participate, because you think you know the stuff, you must prove it to me by a PM.

-Level 1's do not get this chance.

-Spammers and trollers will be negged harshly and will be reported, and will be disqualified..

-The end date for registration is 15th of July.

-There is a 16 contestant limit.

-The one and only judge shall be me.

-People that post cards immediately after registration will be disqualified.




[spoiler= [b]ROUNDS AND PRIZES [/b]]

There are 4 rounds, in which you will be tested in.

The rounds will be explained after all 16 contestants are in.

There will be only 1 winner, who will get 6 REPS.


Round 1: Create a card with a useless effect, which actually looks very usable. 8 best will pass, the rest will be disqualified.

Round 2: Create a card that "kills" an archetype. Bonus if it can destroy 2, and is very creative. 4 best willl pass, the rest will be disqualified.

Round 3: Create a 0 ATK monster that can do an OTK. The 2 best will pass, the rest will be disqualified.

Final Round: Create a Morph monster. Make a very good one. For more info on morphs: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-131886.html. The winner will be rewarded with 6 reps.




[spoiler= [b] CONTESTANTS [/b]]


2-Ovechkin Rocks


















Good luck, YCM'ers. You'll need it.

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I would enter if it were not for the rule denying my qualifications. But I will definitely keep a close eye on this thread, always looking to improve my game, OCG, Imaging etc. This will be good learning experience and helpful critiquing skills given out by you "EnkoMaun".


Best of luck to every contestant.

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entry reserved!

card will be send after i make it




Lulz I like this card, no one will ever pay the tribute but the effect is top notch. Sadly your competitors now know what they have to beat. Good thing this is an awesome card A+.

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