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Plot: In a world parrelel world to earth, some inhabitants of this earth like world have interesting abilitys that become more powerful over time. But a ruler of a small kingdom is not satisfied my his share of the world, he craves more he craves the title of the High King. He sends mercanarys and hunters all over the world to find and capture or kill all the gifted ones. You are the ones who will play a key part in this story.

So will you help prevent this war... or cause it








ability's(only three, you can make them pretty powerful before i say stop):




my app


Name: Nicholas Hawk

age: 14

sex: Male


side: good

ability's(only three, you can make them pretty powerful before i say stop): wings(real wings growing on his back), transmutation, can fuse items together

friends: when i get more people

bio(choice): Growing up, he found 2 little stubs on his back that over the years grew into wings. While the wings were growing he found himself delving through the mystery of alchemyy and mechanics.

Using alchemy and mechanics he built things to help with every day life.

When mercanarys came after him he used transmutation and trapped them in the floor by turning into quicksand.

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Name: Max Ride




side: good

Abilities:PSI(like Pk fire stuff like that) Levatation(flight) Physcho Kininses(can move and manipulate things with his mind.)

Bio: He was taken from his parents at a young age and was taken to a Place called the "school" where he was experimented on and his mind gained PSI and other powers. He escaped and destroyed the school and now is trying to rid the world of evil.

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Nice...I'll be part of a RP that isn't yugioh or pokemon...



Name: Damian Freeman

age: 13

sex: Male

appearence: Blue eyes, wears a black robe. Blonde hair. Carries a staff that looks like Leonard's from lost magic.

side: Good, surprisingly.

ability's(only three, you can make them pretty powerful before i say stop): Telepathy, Can become invisible for 10 minutes (but requires 5 mins to recharge that power), and Nature-Speak (can communicate with nature - trees, rocks, flowers, bugs...like in that Animalia episode, The Day Zoe Listened)

friends: Max Ride.

bio(choice): Damian is a silent kind of person. He likes to keep to himself, but when he needs to communicate, he uses telepathy or gestures and whistles...like Turaga Nuju in Bionicle.

Damian also is a very skilled fighter and strategist, but he prefers not to show it unless it is vital.

hang on...how many references did I make?

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Super powers! YAY!


Name: Luna

age: 16

sex: Female



side: Good

ability's(only three, you can make them pretty powerful before i say stop): Luna's abilities are mostly based of abilities from characters from Dissidia Final Fantasy. One power allows her to create and control silver spheres with a diameter of five centimeters like Kuja, and they hover freely around her either in orbit or just around her. These spheres can be turned into ice, fire, lightning, or any element she wants. Another power she has is to control time, like Ultimecia, but these powers are restrained to a maximum of five minutes time freeze. Her last power is to create particle beams and spheres from negative energy, like Cloud of Darkness.

friends: If Flavour joins, he'll be my friend

bio(choice): N/A

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