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WWE RolePlay

Angel Of Death

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story: the wreslers have come for a brutal year of wresling and all champions areready to defend Can be champs as long as there alable


wwe champ: The Rock (avalible)

heavyweight: undertaker (avalible)

ECW champ: Tommy dreamer (avalible)

hardcore:jeff hardy (avalible)

cruiserweight rey mysterio (avalible)

wwe tag champs jeff (avalable) and matt hardy (avalible)

world tag team champs:brothers of destrucktion kane (taken) and undertaker (avalible)

women champ beth pheonix avalible





wreslers theme:

pic or discreption:

devision RAW SmackDown or ECW


my form

name:angel of death

wresler: Kane

wreslers theme: Slow Chemical

pic or disception::fxaqzm.jpg

devision RAW SmackDown or ECW:Smackdown

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