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Enma Ai

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Okay I need 2 Requests, I will pay 100 Points for each request, so up to 2 people can get points. All Items must be PM'd to me to prevent ripping.


Request #1:


I need all 7 Attributes in their Japanese Form; EARTH, LIGHT, DARK, WIND, WATER, FIRE & DIVINE


If you can't get divine then i will still pay. Remember they all must be renders and be in .PNG


The points will go to the person with the best quality.




Request #2:


I need a Blank sheet or pattern of the yugioh Monster Boarders for example;


Effect, Synchro, Fusion etc. It should be roughtly 200x200 - 300x300


It must not contain anything like the effect box monster boarder etc. just the orange, purple, white part etc.


Willing to go over 100 for this.

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well what part are you on about, if its the 2nd part then i will explain.


You know on a card like on a fusion, the boarder of the card is purple, you see the way the purple has a kind of pattern, I want a square sheet of that patter 250 px x 250 px

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