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Tuningware FTK


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Monsters: (9)

3x Tuningware

3x Junk Synchron

3x Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude

Spells: (28)

3x Machine Duplication

3x Upstart Goblin

3x Hand Destruction

3x De-Synchro

2x Destiny Draw

2x Allure of Darkness

2x Foolish Burial

2x Warrior Returning Alive

2x Magical Stone Excavation

2x Spell Reproduction

1x RotA

1x Card Destruction

1x Card of Safe Return

1x Monster Reborn

Traps: (3)

3x Magical Explosion


Total: 40


Side: (In progress)

1x Heavy Storm

1x Giant Trunade

1x MST

3x Twister

3x Lightning Vortex

3x Burial from a Different Dimension

3x Undecided



3x Dark Strike Fighter

1x Junk Warrior

11x Generic (I know 3x DSF is generic, but it's relevant to the FTK so it's mentioned)





Junk -> Tuningware -> Dupe -> Synchro: DSF -> Draw 3


Desynchro/COSR/Allure/Ddraw/upstart to keep drawing.


MSE/Spell R-pro to dump cards once hand is stacked and deck is near empty.


Explosion for Game




Any cards I could add to make this build more consistent? Any suggestions for side deck?


Any and all comments other than "This deck isn't original" are welcome. I know where I got this deck idea from, and if you do as, well, good for you.

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Why DSF?


Why not' date=' say, Psychic Lifetrancer or BRD?


Also, Spell Rep is a good choice.



DSF blows himself up at the end of the turn for 1400.


Monster Reborn brings him back for another 1400.


It's good if you get into a really bad situation and end up losing an Explosion along the way; going second and getting MST end-phased for example. Also gets rid of all that extra LP that Upstart adds. Though that's not too relevant, the deck can do upwards of 20,000 damage by the opponent's first standby phase.


Although it isn't too relevant; you can use lifetrancer or BRD if you don't have dark strike.




Toon Table: It isn't a terrible idea, but I would prefer Upstart because I get to draw that extra one rather than just nabbing two and having the last one be dead. Plus, drawing two upstart is a lot nicer than drawing two TToC first hand.


In the end, Upstart is just a little bit better IMO, but that little bit makes all the difference.

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You watched a video of this on Youtube' date=' didn't you?



I actually rewatched it because I couldn't remember that Card Destruction was in it XD.


I'm not using their extra deck though; their main deck just happened to be really consistent (the most consistent build I've seen and better than any changes I thought of) and I had all the cards (minus 1x foolish and 3x Tuningware) to build the main deck.

You're not running mystical space typhoon' date=' so why add twister to your side over MST?



A Very good point.


Added 1x MST.

DSF can burn 1400+' date=' which makes it easier to kill with Explosion.


I suggest Plaguespreader Zombie, it can top a card to your deck for D-Dude, helps shrink your hand if you cant get rid of them, Allure Target.


Also -1 Spell Repo + 1 Magical Stone Excavation, if you have it.



Plague is +1 allure target, valid, but the dumping of him to use D Dude's effect is too situational. There are only two d Draw in the deck, and if I'm using it on anything else, I should really have won. Albeit, there are many situations where it takes a few turns, but I generally don't last too many turns if I don't get to less than 10 cards left in the deck. Point in case, it will not be worth it all too often.


Magical Stone is limited to two, that's why there are only two. I have 5 XD

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+1 full salvo


Magical explosion clearly says that you need no cards in hand to activate it. If brionac is in your extra deck then nevermind.


Magical Stone Excavation' date=' discard two cards, take back the other Magical Stone Excavation. Repeat process until you can set the explosions and 1-2 more cards if necessary. You will never have extra cards in your hand if you do it right.[hr']

You watched a video of this on Youtube' date=' didn't you?



Yes, this is the exact deck list I made for johnny(asian guy who posts deck on youtube)


1. Hard to believe, but whatever.


2. The deck has been net decked probably a good hundred or so times. The original creator is absolutely irrelevant at this point, because it's no longer an original deck.

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@PSA: I don't run OCG cards in my Extra Deck.


@Exyst: It should get more often than 1/5. Admittedly it isn't consistent, but if you Draw Foolish, Junk Synchron, Dupe and a De-Synchro you should FTK.


Instead of Foolish, you can dump a Tuningware with Hand D and hope to draw into other stuff.


Worst hands are those with more than one Tuningware. You just cannot win with that.

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I was watching that video and found a huge problem. When he De-Synched with CoSR he drew 4 cards but only should have drawn one because CoSR misses it's timing with all but the first card summoned. I used to play Dark World all the time so I know how CoSR works from experience.


If you are talking 'bout azn you must know that he made a 2nd duel with corrected ruling. The deck still works, but It's really inconsistent.

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