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halo cards


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0/10 for now, there are no OCG errors because there is no OCG in it at all, let me take your first card for example. Here is how it should read.


"You can only activate this card while you have one face-up monster with "Elite" in its name. Your opponent may not declare attack on the turn this card is activated."


I know the first part was somewhat right, but the other part needs some work. Also, the last card is pointless unless it reads something like this.


"Two Against One"


(DO NOT PUT THIS, this is a raw example of how it could help, this has OCG errors golore!"


"Durning the turn this card is activated, two of your monsters may attack with their attack combined. Both monsters turns are used up.


(Once again, do not use, I'm sure someone will post after me to explain it better)

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I agree totally.

U even put 'mansters' on one of ur cards!!

U shud have capitals for certain words too.

I'll give u 0.1/10 (at least u put some effort into it)

One more thing, how do u put stuff down? Sorry for not explaining it well enough.

I mean, how do u put stuff like Makin Spelling and OCG errors ever since 1899?

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