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Tourney of Power (Accepting) (Not started)


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This is a tournament of yugioh. There will be 16 players, who will each be randomly paired to someone. You get reps depending on how well you did. Normal YCM rules apply. NO SWEARING WHATSOEVER. Don't complain about who you get paired up with, it's random. You may use made up cards, just no totally cheap ones. If you made the card up, show a picture of it. If you don't know how, click the card and a URL will load below the card. Copy and paste that into the thread and you're done. I will judge all matches. If there is a disagreement, PM me. To help your opponent find your post, color your text a predetermined colour. You and your opponent will both know what to look for. PM me to enter. DO NOT POST IN THE THREAD!!!!!!!!



#1: Strategist13
















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