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Arcana Force Are Terrible. Stop it YCM.


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1 dark ruler

2 venus

1 athena

1 superbia

2 tethys

2 magician

3 emperor

2 honest

1 hecatrice

2 chariot

1 fool

1 sangan

2 shining



2 light barrier

3 valhalla

1 terraforming

1 brain control

1 mst

1 heavy

1 foolish

3 cup of ace



2 bth

2 call

2 reversal

2 waboku



deck 42



i hate this deck.

i hate ycm.

i hate arcana force.

the sad part is that this might not be terrible.



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thank you for reiterating my topic line.


i hate the part of ycm that thinks this is a good idea.

as to the only deck advice here:

solemns are no longer stapley. not in this meta. and thats just terrible.



any /real/ deck thoughts?

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For some reason, I feel as though I've responded to this deck already. It looks good to me Tronta. I give it a 9/10 because I cannot find anything to fix on it, except maybe adding more staple cards. After all, I know which cards you won't use in it. My only advice would be to add more staple cards if you can find the room to fit them in.

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