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EARTH Deck 43 cards

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Monsters (20)


Ancient Gear Knight


Ancient Gear Golem


Shiba-Warrior Taro




Medium Piece Golem x2


Small Piece Golem x2


Big Piece Golem


Marauding Captain




Psychic Snail x2


Needle Worm


Psychic Commander


Goggle Golem


Iron Chain Snake


Megarock Dragon


Evil Hero Malicious Edge


Beast King Barbaros


Spells (14)


Swing of Memories


Lightning Vortex


Tribute to the Doomed


Monster Reborn


Mystical Space Typhoon


Malevolent Nuzzler


Back to Square One


Unleash Your Power!


Heavy Storm


Card Destruction


Necklace of Command


Swords of Revealing Light




Hammer Shot


Traps (9)


Black Horn of Heaven


Curse of Royal


Radiant Mirror Force




Blast with Chain


Threatening Roar




Dust Tornado


Sakuretsu Armor


Extra Deck


Magical Android


Red Dragon Archfiend


Stardust Dragon

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