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Zuratadael - The Apocalypse Dragon


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SirBigC94 presents the newest card - Zuratadael - The Apocalypse Dragon



Card Lore:

Card Lore

[align=center]Activate the following effects the next turn according to the Phases, this can only be activated once:

Draw Phase - Search through your Deck and select 1 Dragon-Type monster and add it into your hand.

Standby Phase - Release 1 DARK monster to increase the ATK of this card by 500 for this turn.

Main Phase - You may Special Summon 1 DARK monster from your hand, ignoring Summoning conditions.

Battle Phase - This monster may attack twice during this turn, decrease the ATK of this monster by 750 during this Phase.

Main Phase 2 - You may select 1 Spell Card from your Graveyard and add it to your hand.

End Phase - You may remove from play 2 DARK monsters to Special Summon 1 2500 or higher ATK monster from your hand.[/align]


[align=center]Image Credit:

Image Credit goes to Father Wolf.[/align]

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