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advanced BWK deck

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yes ive changed my deck again, mainly becous when i looked at it, taultin could shut down my deck as well as my opponent. its now a fully fledged monarch deck, but ive made sure it can take this guys BW deck, and others as well.



2x caius

2x kuraz


2x mobius

cyber dragon

2x tricky


toy magician

morphing jar

neo-spacian grand mole

treeborn frog

2x necro gaurdna

twin headed behemoth


spirit reaper


arcana force 0 - fool


monster reborn

brain control

giant trunade


swords of revealing light

heavy storm

2x lightning vortex

2x soul exchange



3x summon limit

torential tribute

mirror force

3x bottemless trap hole


i dont normally make side decks, simply cause i never use them.


let me know what you think


ps, how do you make signitures? so far i havent been able to work it out

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Your Monarchs are bad

Kuraz is only good for CBs and Draw Power in Macro. Mobius is good side deck, cause most of the time you will hit only 1 s/t thus making him inferior to Caius.

Basic Monarch line-up

3x Caius

2x Raiza

And if you want a 6 monarch go with either Testhy ot Kuraz(for macro)

Soul Exchange is NOT good in moarchs. The lost battle phase will ruin your play. And you need a more consistent draw and tribute engine.

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well ive only got the 1 raiza, and i use kuraz cause it can blow up anything, i do know about the loss in battle with soul exchange, but it makes them easier to summon. i still think mobius is a good choice, so i will keep him in, and i'll take out the kuraz for another caius, and i do have 42 cards so making it 41 wont hurt. BTW what do you think the next bet thing to soul exchange is

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