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The Official Pokemon Spriters Organization

Felix Culpa

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As the title says, this thread is meant for all the spriters out there, whether your specialty be revamping, splicing, making fakemon, or editing pokemon sprites for special occasions. There is a spot for you here.




Favorite Pokemon:

Least Favorite Pokemon:






Name of Club:

Link to Club:

Reason to Affiliate:



[spoiler=Member List]

[spoiler=Revamping District]

1. One Word

[spoiler=Splicing District]

1. One Word

2. SirBigC94

[spoiler=Fakemon District]

[spoiler=Pokediting District]1. One Word

2. SirBigC94




[spoiler=Member Ranking System]

The organization using ranking to figure out who is the most active spriter and who is the best spriter in different areas.

[spoiler=Attaining Points]

Make a Club Banner: 15 points

Create a Specialty Area Sprite: 5 points

Take Part in Pokediscussions: 2 Points



Creator dpiconani493.gif

One Word - 0 Pts

Point Leaders dpiconani487.gif

Spriter Extrodinaire dpiconani482.gif - 1001-5000+

Legendary Spriter dpiconani475.gif -501-1000

MidLevel Spriter dpiconani373.gif - 151-500

LowLevel Spriter dpiconani269.gif - 50-150

Beginner Spriter dpiconani152.gif

SirBigC94 - 0 Pts


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