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Monsters: 20

Dark Armed Dragon

Beast King Barbaros x3

Tytannial, Princess of Camelias x3

Mystic Tomato x2

Lonefire Blossom x3

Destiny Hero - Defender x2

Necro Gardna x2

Nettles x2


Plaguespreader Zombie


Spells: 13

Forbidden Chalice x2

Allure of Darkness x2

Trade-In x2

Miracle Fertilizer

Card of Safe Return

Heavy Storm

Giant Trunade

Mark of the Rose

Mystical Space Typhoon

Monster Reborn


Traps: 7

Skill Drain x3

Solemn Judgment x3

Torrential Tribute


Eh. I'm not partial to this, but I'd like to see what people think of it.

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Drain Plant DAD.


I suggested it to a guy on another forum who was trying to make the same kind of build.


Searches Tyt with Blossom, Tomato searches DARKs, and DAD is the cherry on top.


I don't expect this to do well.


In fact, I'm expecting someone to come in and tell me that I'm doing this terribly wrong and show me why I am. :O

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Foolish Burial? You have 3 cards that take advantage of stuff being in the grave.


A second Necro Gardna?

Mirror Force, as your opponent has a slightly lower box of options to get rid of it?


Also, I'm shocked you haven't said anything about my post titles yet...

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